Order Cheese Steaks at These Five Restaurants in Las Vegas


The holy trinity of cheese, steak, and bread is comfort food, hangover cure, and cheat day rolled into one. Even casual cheese steak fans know that the classic sub was created in Philadelphia, but few realize how far back the history of the menu item goes. The cheese steak — which curiously enough did not originally feature cheese — was dreamed up in the 1930s by two hot dog vendors named Pat and Harry Olivieri who were bored with their usual lunch.

Cheese steak by the lake

Tucked away in a tiny storefront beside Lake Sahara, Those Guys Pies is a true hidden gem that serves more than just pizza. While the pies are worth a try, the restaurant’s cheese steaks are the real standout. The 10-inch rib-eye cheese-steaks are loaded with generous layers of cheese, plus optional onions, mushrooms, peppers or even less common toppings such as broccoli rabe.